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The EMF Alliance (short for

Germany's EMF Alliance calls for 5-year recovery plan

Home Uncategorized Germany's EMF Alliance calls for 5-year recovery plan

The EMF Alliance (short for Events Management Forum), has called for a series of demands that were presented to the German government in relation to concerns that there are no major tours scheduled to take place within the first half of next year.

The EMF Alliance consists of five major companies. Including the notable live music associations BDKV and LiveKomm, who are pleading for “proportionality” when it comes to music venues and live performances as they’ve stated they believed they have been unfairly singled out in the past when it came to restrictions.

“In view of the current development of the corona pandemic, companies in the event industry are facing the same dilemma as last year,” the organization says in a statement. “The Event Management Forum, therefore, calls on the managing government, those involved in the coalition negotiations, and, above all, the federal states to maintain proportionality when issuing new regulations and to meet immediately with the representatives of the industry to discuss the necessary measures.”

Their proposal is calling for fair representation from the industry within politics when it comes to setting up new guidelines and restrictions, in addition to a five-year recovery plan beginning in 2023.  During the conference, BDKV president Jens Michow stated that the recovery aid was beneficial, but not nearly enough to survive moving forward. “If, however, an economic sector is so badly affected by an economic crisis, a comprehensive special program tailored to specific needs is required in order to save its economic survival,” says Michow, who also added that the estimated loss of the industry reaches just over €10 billion due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since the coronavirus will not simply vanish into thin air in the coming year, we finally need comprehensible, standardized criteria for a nationwide opening perspective,” Minchow added during his statement.

It is not clear whether or not their request has been approved at this time.

Image Credit: Berlin World Atlas

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