I Could Be the One

Avicii & Nicky Romero collaboration ‘I Could Be the One’ turns 10 years old

When you think of iconic and timeless electronic music collaborations, one that should be on everyone’s top five list is ‘I Could Be the One‘ by no other than the late Avicii and Nicky Romero. Although Avicii has passed away, his music continues to transcend and grow – a great example of how well respected and loved he is – and this track is one of those, and this week we celebrate it as it turns ten years old already.

Featuring vocals by Swedish singer Noonie Bao, it is those very vocals paired with that sweet melody that threatens to tug on the heartstrings, even still ten years on and perhaps being even more emotional now than the day it released. Nationally within Sweden and internationally all around the world including in places such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, and many other places, it topped charts and dominated radio stations as no one could quite get enough of the grip that the tune had on everyone. It was first played out by Avicii back in November of 2011 at the Super Glow event in DC Armory, Washington, where not long after it had been dubbed ‘Nicktim.’ A year on after this initial play that tested how crowds reacted to it, the vocal version premiered through the LE7ELS podcast and also on Protocol Radio not long after this. It’s hard to imagine that this was once an anticipated ID, with fans wondering when it would have seen the light of day, and not the timeless classic we all know today.

Speaking of the recent anniversary, Nicky Romero took to Instagram, with fellow producers like Tiësto commenting to express their love for the track, to say:

“I could be the one turns 10 years old today, a record that changed my life, my career and my vision on music. I wish you were here to celebrate @avicii ❤️ thankful every day”

Back in May, Nicky Romero uploaded a YouTube video detailing the story of ‘I Could Be the One’ and you can watch that below after streaming the track here once again.

Image Credits: Avicii (via Facebook), Nicky Romero (via Facebook)

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