Kanye West donates toys to 4,000 children in Chicago

Kanye West made the Christmas season more special in his hometown of Chicago. The weekend before Christmas, a toy drive was held at the Kennedy-King College in Englewood, according to ABC7. News reports that there were other good-hearted people involved in the drive, but that most of the approximately 4,000 toys distributed were purchased by the ‘DONDA‘ artist, who has earned the title of the modern-day Santa Claus. According to the same news source, while the children and their families waited for the distribution of toys, there were games, prizes and food was also distributed. On this solidarity action, politician Stephanie Coleman stated that:

’I’m so proud that Kanye is, once again, responding to our request to help the children of Englewood and beyond. (…) He is no stranger to our community. His presence has always been felt in our neighbourhoods and he loves visiting, but this Christmas he has truly been our modern-day Santa Claus.’

This gesture from Kanye West follows several statements from the artist about the capitalist society we live in and how he wants to break this trend. During his 2020 presidential campaign, Ye’s big motto was to cure hunger and homelessness, something that seems to remain on his list of priorities. In a recent interview, the rapper talked about the steps he will take to escape the ‘capitalist rule’:

‘We are under capitalist rule, and it’s killing us. I’m going to be homeless in a year. I’m going to turn all the homes I own into churches, (…) We’re making this orphanage, and it will be a place where anyone can go. It should be like an artist commune. Food should always be available.’

These statements come a week before Kanye West went to meet the CEO of charity Los Angeles Mission, to discuss the numbers of homeless. He reportedly gave 1000 meals to that organisation and met with other charities to discuss food support, education, employment and also housing. Kanye West’s philanthropy seems to be materializing more and more.