Marc Baz

Introducing Marc Baz [Interview]

A star who is certainly on the rise, Marc Baz is a French artist based in Dubai with more than a decade of carefully crafted experience. A wizard behind the decks and in the studio, he has enjoyed international recognition being signed to major worldwide labels, which in turn has earned him a fanbase that continues to grow quickly in line with his career. Specialising in trance and progressive sounds, there is no genre that he cannot tackle so we wanted to find out more about him. 

How did you start your music career? 

“Music is more like a passion for me and I always call it a “professional” hobby since I make it at a high level, and have been producing for more than a decade now. It took me time to get releases on the most prestigious record labels (i.e. Vandit, AVA, Perfecto, Always Alive Recordings). I like the fact that I climbed the ladder slowly because it feels like a deserved win after a long journey. You cannot fathom the number of unfinished projects or projects that I just sent to trash because it was incomplete or not fit to be released. I lacked confidence with my music at the start of my career, but now I am more confident and determined in what I do and the music that I produce.”

What about the performance and DJing side of your career? Tell us more about that

“I love DJing. I have not yet had the chance to DJ at a big rave or event but I am open to opportunities and I am looking forward to doing that when the time comes. I also need the right promoter and agent for this. To be completely honest, I spend most of my time and put most of my energy into the technical side, creating and producing the music itself.”

What does music mean to you?

“Music is a universal language and it is the language that everyone understands, the language that unifies cultures despite their differences that may appear. Music is the language of peace and I believe that people that do not appreciate music will never know peace.”

A 24 year old dance music enthusiast from Manchester, UK. Lover of all genres, especially dubstep and house. Find me at gigs and festivals across the world.

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