Premiere: Nora En Pure’s Purified Records unveils club-ready first compilation ‘Purified Chronicles 2021’: Listen

This has been a prolific year of releases for Purified Records. The label owned by deep house queen Nora En Pure has delivered a rich catalogue of the finest being made in the melodic realm of dance music and now presents its fans with a compilation that brings together the best of this year. ‘Purified Chronicles 2021 will be officially released December 3, via Purified Records, and is premiering today here on We Rave You.

Since its inception in 2019, Purified Records has earned a well-deserved high position on the circuit. Particularly within the melodic and deep and progressive house scene, the label has quickly gained status, proving to be one of the leading imprints of its genre. Much like what Nora En Pure stands for in the industry, Purified Records has been synonymous with pristine productions, cinematic soundscapes and magical melodies. Maintaining a fluid stream of releases, it encompasses an eclectic family filled with renowned and many up-and-coming artists, serving as the launchpad for many a scintillating talent. Beyond the release charts, the Purified team have hosted several sold-out events since live music was resurrected after the pandemic. Whether it’s events or with its enviable discography, Nora En Pure’s Purified Records is a landmark label in electronic dance music.

‘Purified Chronicles 2021’ is the label’s first ‘Best Of’ compilations and offers 20 of its stand out records. Displaying a handful of talented artists, the compilation will immerse the listeners into the depths of the label’s melodic and club-ready sounds, flooding you with deep and emotional cuts. In addition to some well-known tracks, ‘Purified Chronicles 2021’ comes with a brand new track. Serving as an exclusive track, Thomas Schwartz and Fausto Fanizza deliver a scintillating remix of Serra 9 featuring Phoebe Tsen‘s ‘Rain‘. In total, 21 works of art can now be heard all together as one contemplative mix. Delighting aficionados, the compilation includes favourites ‘Pulling Me Back‘ by Eli Brown and Siege featuring Lovlee, ‘Rapture‘ by Moonwalk, the stunning ‘Flying Particles‘ by Paradoks, and the label’s monumental inaugural release ‘Tunnel Vision‘ by Marius Drescher. The list of enthralling cuts continues, unfolding with many other big names such as Heard Right & OAI, Alex Breitling, Deviu, Dominik Gehringer, Garlington, Rylan Taggart, Chris Luno, Sam Wolfe & JD Farrell, and Kalmer.

‘Purified Chronicles 2021’ is available for pre-order now on the usual platforms. Get to know the unreleased remix and embark on this melodic journey with the exclusive sneak pick of this incredible compilation below:


Purified Records · Purified – Best Of Compilation
Image credit: Purified Records (via Facebook)