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Viromusic turn Covid-19 genetic code into songs sold on NFT platform

With COVID-19 influencing our day to day to lives for quite some time now, its impact is more often than not associated with that of a negative one. Rightly so, life as we once knew it seems like a distant memory, and in turn we have endured and are still enduring some unprecedented times. However, not all is as gloom as it seems, as a latest project inspired by Viromusic, has resulted in the transformation of the genetic code of the virus into a variation of songs, available to own as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

A remarkable twist to the tale if you come to think about it, this latest project became possible by “using a technique called DNA Sonification,” where “the melody in the songs is derived entirely from the viral sequence.” Duplicating the virus’s ability at making “more copies of itself,” Viromusic continue the process of creating a song trough the addition of different instrumental chords, such as the ones from a cello, bass, synths or even drums. A project as unique as the next one that may come along, the company has made the songs available via the Rarible platform, where they can be purchased as an NFT at the starting price of 0.07 Ethereum, or in real world terms, close to £210.

Ranging from slow and melodic songs to high energy rock, Viromusic have thought out everything to the very last detail, as at the moment of writing, there are 10.000 songs available for purchase. Priding themselves in the authenticity of each of their songs, the company have ensured that “not a single note has been altered – it’s a direct musical representation of the viral code.” Looking to back up those claims, with each purchase made, the buyer will have full access to the specific details surrounding the creation of their unique song, as well as a clear description of the gene in the song and its actual use in the virus.

“The idea for this collection was born from an awe of the beauty in the code of life. We hope this project helps to raise awareness that even a virus capable of inflicting such misery is fundamentally based on the same code as every living thing on earth. We thought it would be interesting to take this code and make it play music. We hope you find it as haunting, interesting and provocative as we do.” – Viromusic

With a clear explanation on the main inspiration behind the COVID-19 genetic code songs, we could not help but feel both curious and intrigued about such a project. Having sold one NFT since its launch on the 4th of December, be sure to visit their official website for any further information, and don’t forget to let us know your opinions on this Viromusic project in the comments section.


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