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Armin van Buuren unveils first track of 2022 ‘Human Touch’ featuring Sam Gray: Listen

Continuing right from where he left off, trance legend Armin van Buuren has just dropped his first song of 2022, entitled ‘Human Touch.’ Teaming up with English singer/songwriter Sam Gray for this latest release, van Buuren has once again delivered the most mesmersing of productions, as listeners are set to embark on the most meaningful but yet captivating of journeys. Taking inspiration from the current ongoing climate that has taken over the world, ‘Human Touch’ looks at providing us all with the love and unity needed to overtake any impacts faced, and at the same time, have us all grooving with the highly energetic and enticing aura that is emitted throughout the entirety of the track.

Adding to his long list of collaborations, the Dutch sensation is no stranger to spotting out talented artist’s over the years, with Gray a clear candidate that fits that exact description. Having made a name for himself with releases such as ‘Unbreakable‘ and ‘Tell It To My Heart,’ his infectious vocals have this time round elevated the track to a different dimension, as the ever-so emotive lyrics, have led to the creation of an awe-inspiring track in the form of ‘Human Touch.’ The combination of both artist’s musical prowess is something extraordinary, and in turn, each element that has been conducted, has left us all with the most unique and uplifting of results.

“I love working with artists who bring a unique perspective to the table, and Sam Gray did just that as someone who’s rapidly becoming a vocal force to be reckoned with in the music industry. ‘Human Touch’ is a song I think lots of people can relate to and draw strength from. I hope it inspired everyone to reach out to one another and reassure them they’ll always have someone to turn to.”Armin van Buuren

Coming off one of his most productive years to date, van Buuren has shown no signs of slowing down, and if this latest release is anything to go by, we can safely say that we are in for a treat once more. Cultivating a worldwide following is no easy task, however, the A State Of Trance pioneer has been blessing us all for the better part of two decades, with each release a clear representation of everything that he has set out to achieve as an artist within our community. Straying away from his usual sound is what makes him unique, with this latest production set to impact the dance scene and not only, in more ways than none.

“I woke up one morning really feeling the time it’s been since I’ve seen my family in the U.K. During the pandemic, we’ve all adjusted to Zoom sessions and FaceTime calls being our new normal. While I’m grateful for technology, it’s not and will never be the same as sitting in the same room or holding someone in your arms. We’re all just making the best of a terrible season. The isolation has been devastating both to witness and experience. I’m grateful that Armin heard my heart and helped make this record the very special song that it is. I don’t know a human that doesn’t relate.”Sam Gray

With this said, ‘Human Touch’ is out now via van Buuren’s own imprint, Armada Music, and we cannot contain our excitement for this one. Be sure to check this masterpiece of a track on Spotify below, with ‘Human Touch’ also available for streaming through all major platforms here. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Bart Heemskerk

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