Disclosure & Zedd link up to say ‘You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free’: Listen

After the excitement that the photo of Disclosure and Zedd together in the studio back in October caused, the product of the reunion of these musical powerhouses is now known. Pairing the sonic signatures of the brother duo and the Russian-German artist perfectly, comes an exquisite dance cut with a name that’s hard to fit into the most limited of spaces. ‘You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free‘ is a wise recommendation and a beautiful track, out now via Apollo Records.

House music has always been synonymous with liberation. Freedom of body and soul in a sacred territory called dancefloor. This concept of liberation and breaking free is intensely explored in this collaborative track, which seems to have been born from a relaxed encounter between the artists. On this partnership with Zeed and the process that dictated the birth of this song, the Lawrence brothers, aka Disclosure, mentioned that:

‘We have known Anton for several years but never had the opportunity to get in the same room and make some noise together. When the time came, he arrived with one of his analog synthesisers and started jamming on it. He pretty much came up with the whole baseline to the tune in one take playing it by hand which was blowing my mind – it inspired the vibe of the whole song.’

‘You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free’ emanates rhythm and good vibes. The lyrics are beautifully conveyed by an elegant vocal that preaches you to an important message. The command is to set yourself free and that’s what happens when you get caught up in the bubbling pace of this single. The keys call the shots on this tune. The synths are sophisticated and melt into the space dominated by an addictive groove. If initially, Disclosure’s identity is quite evident, with its honeyed method of subtly seducing, then Zedd’s electronic essence erupts through the soundscape enriching it. Everything becomes denser after the second drop and it is impossible not to sway to the sound of this beauty.

On the message encapsulated in this collaborative single, Zedd explains that:

‘Lyrically this song is my coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety (…) Sometimes you need to remember where you are instead of holding onto where you want to be. Whether you’re socially anxious, too drunk, or even loving life, I hope that you dance to this song and remember that you’re free!’

‘You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free’ marks the first work released in 2022 from Disclosure and also Zedd and what a great way to start!

Image credit: Disclosure (via Facebook)