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Excision drops neckbrace-needing album ‘Onyx’: Listen

Headbangers, rejoice! As the champion of bass music, Excision has just released his heavy-hitting 17-track album ‘Onyx’.  This is the fifth studio album from the Subsidia Records founder, following up his album ‘Apex‘ that was released in 2018.  The album also enlists the help of other bass legends like Dion Timmer, Kai Wachi, Sullivan King, and Kompany to bring us all the bass.

‘Onyx’ begins none other than in classic Excision fashion with an epic intro track entitled ‘Decimate’ that sets the tone for the rest of the record.  Hard-hitting kicks, ungodly and prehistoric samples, multidimensional synths, a straining build-up that leads to vertebrae-shattering bass with each track more exciting than the next.  Tracks like ‘Cough Drop’ and ‘Osiris’ revitalize Excision’s knack for sound design with carefully crafted synths and a bassline that pushes through each arrangement perfectly.  On the other hand, in tracks like ‘Our Fire’, his collaboration with Sullivan King, we get a healthy dose of metal, and conversely, with ‘Temporary Blue’, we get a more mellowed out transition out of the madness.

Speaking on his grand return to full-length releases, Excision stated, “The timeline for this album was really different. I started working on it before the pandemic and continued working on it even after shows came back in mid-2021. In a normal year of touring, I’m always making tunes to play out at shows to get people moving and headbanging.”

Be sure to listen to ‘Onyx’ in its entirety below and let us know your favourite track in the comments.

Image Credit: Rukes.com