Martin Ikin returns with his latest Toolroom release ‘Feel The Vibe’: Listen

Mark Knight‘s famed record label has been unstoppable, and after finishing the year strongly, they’ve decided to start 2022 on the same note. Marking Toolroom‘s first release of 2022, comes a club infused energetic single from Martin Ikin. ‘Feel The Vibe‘ is a reinterpretation of Astrotrax‘s classic ‘The Energy (Feel The Vibe)’ by this talented producer and is out now via the usual platforms.

This new year has barely started and already has an incredible number of releases, whether original works or remixes, the level is already very high and we are not even halfway through January. Always with an eye on the future and on setting another stone in the evolution (and revolution) of electronic music, producers don’t forget their roots and the great classics continue to be a significant source of inspiration. An example of this is this latest release from Martin Ikin, which celebrates house music in an elegant and sophisticated symbiosis between the past and the present.

Ikin has established himself as one of the big players in dance music with a special focus on the US, especially in the last year. Always dancing between the realm of house and tech house, Martin Ikin has delivered productions of the finest quality through big hits that are distributed by some of the most famous labels, including Toolroom, where many of his tracks have found a home. To start the year in style, Ikin asks you to feel his vibe, in a dance cut that will shake the floor of any club.

The 90s encapsulated some of the most wonderful dance hits and continue to be the cornerstone of the industry. Many are the singles that became immortalised in that crazy decade and one of them now gets a new spin. ‘The Energy (Feel The Vibe)’ by Astrotrax featuring Shola Phillips, was released back in the late 90s and set countless parties on fire, driving the crowd wild whenever it was heard. It was the embodiment of energy, with an incredible and still very current beat, backed by a soulful and groovy vocal. These precious ingredients were made the most of by Martin Ikin in his version of ‘Feel The Vibe’, where no energy was lost. The original percussion is superb and here it has been sped up, thickened and crafted brilliantly. The concept and vocals have been preserved and elevated, reclaiming the vibe of the golden days of house music and giving it the texture of modern sounds. The track is very dynamic in rhythm and layering, making it impossible to stop dancing to its sound. Martin Ikin has proven himself to be a true craftsman in the studio before and shows his production talent again here. The past meets the future, in a frenetic and passionate dance. A real energy pill to start the year dancing.

Image credit: Martin Ikin (via Instagram)