Fred again..

Fred again.., HAAi & The xx’s Romy pair up to deliver ‘Lights Out’: Listen

If you couple talent, with more talent and a little more talent, chances are the result will be an exquisite track that will impress everyone. That’s exactly what happened when record producer Fred again.. teamed up with Romy from The xx and DJ HAAi. In a collaboration that emanates a perfect symbiosis, these three contemporary music powerhouses deliver ‘Lights Out‘, a house flavoured beautiful tune, out now via Atlantic Records UK.

It’s quite exciting to see these three names together in the credits of a song, but the truth is it’s happened before, in a way. Romy’s debut solo single ‘Lifetime‘ was produced by Fred again… and was then remixed by HAAI. Now, the musicianship of these three artists converges again, showing that music is definitely a strong bond. On the magic behind the process of creating this beauty, Fres again… reveals that:

‘I started this song on my laptop on a train up to the Scottish Highlands and immediately sent it to Romy and Teneil (HAAi) because it felt super special to me. Romy’s lyrics and voice are just like a hug from a rave angel.’

Romy initially started writing ‘Lights Out’ with The xx in mind, but reuniting with these fellow artists changed the course of the track for this threesome anthem:

‘I’m so excited about this song – it came about really effortlessly and evolved so quickly. I first met Fred and Teneil through making music and DJing, as well as being big inspirations they’ve become two of my best friends. Working together with them was so joyful and I think you can really feel that when you listen to ‘Lights Out”

Music is effectively a strong and passionate language and in ‘Lights Out’ the close friendship of these talented friends is audible, as HAAi puts it:

‘I enjoyed every step of the process of making this track with Romy and Fred. Romy and I have been close pals for a while and shared a studio last year and had been wanting to work on something beyond my remix of ‘Lifetime’. I feel this track represents a special part of each of our musical selves. Fred is one of the most energetic and wildly talented people I’ve been in a studio with. This really was a dream collaboration.”

‘Lights Out’ is fresh, modern, and complete. It has an intense club vibe that vibrates between euphoric notes and a bassline that grabs you on the dancefloor. The vocals are extraordinary and passionate, full of rhythm and also meaning. Part of the inspiration for producing this dance track came from Manchester’s famous Warehouse Project and is a true sonic homage to the raver spirit. To celebrate the track’s release, the trio threw a pop-up rave at a secret location in London on January 20th. Now you can have the rave in your pocket by simply pressing play:

Image Credits: Fred again.. (via Facebook), Romy (via Facebook), HAAi (via Facebook)