John Lennon NFT

John Lennon and The Beatles items to be auctioned as NFT collection by Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s eldest son is shedding light on a private collection which he owns given to him by his father John Lennon, such as a coat worn by John Lennon himself from the “Magical Mystery Tour” film, his cape from “Help!,” three guitars that John gifted to his son Julian, and Paul McCartney’s handwritten arrangement notes for the famous song “Hey Jude.” They are all going up for auction as a collection of different NFT’s on February 7.

These unique sets of NFTs will only be digital, after the sale occurs Julian Lennon is preserving the physical items in his collections, and the collectors will own the digital Non-fungible version. The NFT collection is called “Lennon Connection: The NFT Collection”  The auction has already begun today on January 25 and will proceed until February 7 on Julien’s Auctions and NFT partner YellowHeart.

The NFT is brought to life in an even more personal way through Julian Lennon’s exclusive audio narration, which as well is minted with the collectibles. Bidding for the “Hey Jude” notes NFT stands at a current offer of $47,500 (3 bids), while the 3 guitars stand at 3 bids of $18,000 and $6,000 separately. The black cape which was worn by John Lennon in the movie “Help!” is at a current bid of $4,500 (3 bids) and the “Magical Mystery Tour” coat at $8,000( 4 bids). These digits will keep increasing until the deadline of February 7. The NFT market is not lagging with growth, more history is being made daily, various legendary artists are joining the scene with diverse goals in mind. 

Image Credit: Press