Johnning returns with future bass banger ‘WHAT THE HELL’: Listen

Returning with yet another eclectic single, Johnning has just blessed fans alike with the most meaningful of productions. The perfect way to kick start the new year, ‘WHAT THE HELL‘ provides all the feel-good elements that will have anyone hooked from the off-set. A truly unique track in every sense possible, the Swedish-based artist has provided us all with a glimpse of his undeniable talent, and in turn, we are more than certain that this release is just the beginning of something special.

Taking inspiration from the punk and rock scene that Johnning grew up with, ‘WHAT THE HELL’ is the epitome of a track that combines a variation of genres to absolute perfection. The punk-inspired guitars that are evident throughout, lead to a heavy-hitter chorus drop, whilst at the same time, ensure that listeners will be embarking on the most captivating of journeys. Forming a story-line around the song was also of the essence, with each lyrical sentence enticing the listener in the most mesmerising of ways, and thus, producing a variation of elements that can be interpreted in more ways than none.

“The idea of the song is to tell yourself to have the guts to take the leap, and dare to commit yourself to that special one you might have feelings for.” – Johnning

Following the success of his hit single ‘Heroes Tonight,’ this latest production will also be marking his long-awaited return to NoCopyrightSounds (NCS), where in the past their partnership was deemed as one of the record labels’ most successful musical endeavors to date. Having amassed millions of streams, as well as collaborating with some of biggest names within the dance scene, Johnning is all set on embarking on yet another productive year, with this latest track a clear representation of what he has set out to achieve as an artist within our community.

Out now via NCS, ‘WHAT THE HELL’ is destined for the very top of the charts, and we are all for it. Offering a snippet of the sound that we should expect to witness from this multi-faceted artist, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on any future Johnning releases, but in the meantime, be sure to check out this masterpiece of a track in all its glory below, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments section. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Johnning (via Facebook)

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