Kane Lane, Brontë

Kane Lane joins forces with Brontë for captivating new single ‘Nowhere To Go’: Listen

Kick-starting the new year in the most unique of fashions, Kane Lane has teamed up with singer/songwriter Brontë for the release of ‘Nowhere To Go.’ A mesmersing production in every sense possible, both set of artist’s have combined their respective musical talents to perfection, and in turn, have blessed us all with a tech-house banger for the ages. Destined for nothing other than success, this latest track provides all the feel-good elements that will have anyone out of their seats and straight to the dance-floor.

Driven solely by his passion for soulful and emotive disco, the London-based DJ/producer has set out on leaving his own mark within our community, and if this latest release is anything to go by, we are more than certain that a prosperous career awaits this rising star. The addition of Brontë on vocals, help elevate the track to a different dimension, as the lyrics emphasize on the current mood that exists due to the global pandemic, but at the same time, allow for an addictive and catchy outtake that enable all the other elements to feature heavily around the beefy bassline.

“When Kane sent me the track it was the height of the pandemic. No one really knew what raving in the future was going to look like or when it would be coming back so I wanted to write something that was relatable at the time. My best friend was in a new relationship which was being conducted mostly over zoom dates, this inspired the initial idea and I just ran with it. They’re now engaged!” – Brontë

Meaningful to say the least, ‘Nowhere To Go’ is the personification of a track that will have listeners captivated from the off-set. Ensuring that each element was implemented to perfection was also of the essence, with Kane Lane stating that “it wasn’t until my manager Tyrone encouraged me to continue with the project, so I carried on, added some chords, trumpets and other elements, to create ‘Nowhere To Go.'” Taking even the smallest of details into consideration, it is only fair to say that the raw talent and unrelenting work ethic that this artist possesses, will most certainly lead to nothing other than success as time unravels.

Out now via Purple Tea Records, this latest track is destined for the very top of the charts. Providing that groovy vibe throughout, be sure to check out ‘Nowhere To Go’ on Spotify below, with the track also available for streaming through all major platforms here. A certified hit in our books, we would also like to know what you think of this masterpiece of a track in the comments section. Enjoy!


Image Credits: Kane Lane (Press), Brontë (Press)

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