Home Uncategorized Le Petit Frenchy discusses all things Jango Records, label releases and more: Interview
Le Petit Frenchy discusses all things Jango Records, label releases and more: Interview
Le Petit Frenchy - Jango Records Owner
Image Credit: Le Petit Frenchy (Press)

Le Petit Frenchy discusses all things Jango Records, label releases and more: Interview

Home Uncategorized Le Petit Frenchy discusses all things Jango Records, label releases and more: Interview

Leading the way as one of the most successful record label’s within the electronic dance industry, Jango Records have established a support pattern that enables them to not only work with some of the biggest names within our community, but also, gain recognition as one of the most prominent House and Vocal House music recording trademarks that exist. Established in 2014, Jango Records have taken the dance scene by storm, and in just a short period of time, have made their presence felt with every record and artist signing. Including an ever-so impressive roaster of up and coming, as well as stellar names of the industry, the likes of Carl Cox, Qubiko, Robbie Rivera, Roger Sanchez, Joachim Garraud, StoneBridge, Sugarstarr, Block & Crown and My Digital Enemy have all heavily supported this France-based imprint.

Featured among those names, no other than the record label boss himself, Le Petit Frenchy, has been leaving his own mark within our community, with Jango Records all set to follow a similar pathway of that of its owner, as success has been an integral part that has led to the creation of this musical endeavor. With this said, we are more than happy to have caught up with the label boss himself, as Le Petit Frenchy provides us all with a further insight on the main inspirations that led to the establishment of Jango Records, the momentum gained in the early stages, as well as its significance, the inclusion of three different labels that feature in the company, the expectations that they have set as a musical trademark, any upcoming releases and much more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Acting as the record label owner of Jango Records, could you give us an insight on the main inspiration(s) behind the establishment of your own imprint, as well as any challenges that you may have faced when first launching your label?

Thank you. My parents listened to a lot of music, always discovering new songs. At the time, it was the latest Michael Jackson, Kraftwerk or Depeche fashion. Very young, I wanted to become a DJ and in 1999 I started working in bars in the Nantes region. An incredible musical era with the whole French Touch movement of the 1990s. And then a few years later, in the 2000s, I opened a vinyl store. It was great to look for the titles that were going to be played tomorrow in all the clubs. In 2014, I decided to open what is now JANGO RECORDS. My goal was to promote and introduce new talents while signing electronic music names. The environment is sometimes harsh, but the music brings us much more.

Having formed back in 2014, Jango Records rose to fame from the get go, with House and Vocal House music realms the prominent aspects that resulted in success. How significant was it for you to gain momentum in the early stages, and how beneficial was the support of leading artist’s at that moment in time?

When I created Jango Records in 2014, it was indeed important for me to get people talking about the label from the start. And it’s true that from the first year our main label Jango Music ranked in the top 20 of the best labels in its category. We were present in Ibiza at the Bora Bora for some crazy evenings, but also at the Majestic in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. It was important for the label to be present and active in these emblematic places that mark the history of electronic music.

With Carl Cox, Robbie Rivera, StoneBridge and yourself among the names of artist’s to either emerge or continue their musical path through Jango Records, we would like to know the direction that your label set out to follow, as well as how significant the discovery of up and coming artists was and has been throughout the years?

We have different labels today, but on our main label, Jango Music, the artistic direction is House Music and Vocal House, it can happen that we drift a little bit if we have a big crush. Regarding the importance of signing emerging artists, I think that many very talented artists do not have the light on them but their music could cross the world. It is important in the fiber of the label to try to give them a little space and to take advantage of the notoriety of the label to exist.


Image Credit: Le Petit Frenchy (Press)


Having released music through an array of well-renowned record labels in recent times, could you give us an insight on how significant was it for you to work with such well-established imprints, and what role might they have played when acknowledging your success as an artist within our community?

It is important to be in permanent contact with major players in the music industry, it allows us to consult each other and help each other in the development of our respective entities. You have to constantly question yourself and come up with new things. It’s the same as artists, depending on each title, the associated musical imprint must best match the label.This is also what will allow better promotion and distribution of its title.

In addition to the array of upcoming releases on Jango Records, as well as the global success gained through hosting shows worldwide, we would like to know the main motivation behind the work that is implemented daily, as well as an insight on any further milestones that you have set out to achieve as both an artist and a record label owner?

The motivation remains and will remain the music. Music makes us live and is a real means of communication. Every day, we create new links with new artists and we all share the same passion. This is what drives me every day when I wake up before arriving at the office. Whether it’s as a label manager or whether it’s as an artist.

Having divided Jango Records in three labels (Jango Music, Jango X, Jango Del Mar), could you give us an insight on what each of the labels represent as a whole, as well as individually. Moreover, we would also like to know the genre(s) that accumulate for each of the labels that form Jango Records?

Jango Records brings together 3 labels, Jango Music which is the very first label created where we produce house music, and vocal house apart from a few exceptions. Associated with this label, we have exclusive artists who do a tremendous amount of work. Mitch B. who is an Italian artist and who ranked in the top 20 of the best artists in his category in 2021, but also Anthony Natale who is a French artist in the making. These sounds are unique and supported by many international artists day by day. The Peverells are English artists who have always been exclusive artists since the first day of the creation of Jango Records. This incredible English house sound that they have blows me away with each new title. Recently we collaborated on the title ‘HOUSE MUSIC CONTROL‘ which ranked in the top 15 on the international site Beatport. This title is now remixed by the talented QUBIKO present on labels such as Defected or Toolroom. On the Jango Del Mar label, we are on more melodic techno and progressive house sounds. Arkhazium, freshly signed exclusively on this label, brings us this unique identity linked to Jango Del Mar. on the Jango X label, we are on much harder sounds, Tech house and techno. Several of our titles may have already been play-listed by Solomun, to name just him.


Image Credit: Le Petit Frenchy (Press)


Offering a wide range of opportunities for rising stars seems to be off the essence for Jango Records. With this in mind, could you give us any hint(s) of new releases that your label will be presenting, as well as any indication(s) towards the artist’s that will be emerging within our community?

For sure. First everybody needs to know we are releasing new song(s) every week. I will present you a little selection of our forthcoming releases in exclusivity. As I tell you above, freshly released on Jango Music, the remix of ‘House Music Control’ is a certified banger, a straight up, pure House record from Italian born QUBIKO, who lands on Jango with a stunning remix of Le Petit Frenchy, house legend Eddie Amador and Peverell. This record has got a cool, feel-good vibe to it and is ready to destroy the dance floor.

(Listen and download here: https://fanlink.to/gNma)

Mitch B. is a Jango Exclusive artist. He is on fire with his latest releases. Ranked on top 20 Best artists in his category on the international website Beatport, Mitch B. is back with a new single ‘You’re my Heart.’ It’s an incredible new version of the Modern Talking hit. It’s perfect in the moments we are going through.

(Listen and download : https://fanlink.to/gP9j)

French born DJ and Producer Anthony Natale is making his way back to Jango Music with his new release ‘It’s A Bounce‘. Landing on Jango Music as exclusive artists since now 2 years Anthony Natale delivers again and again some groove vibes on ‘It’s A Bounce’, an uplifting tech-house banger full of everything you’d expect from an Anthony Natale release but with so much more. Feel-good organs are backed by a pumping bassline. We are so excited and we can’t wait you to hear it!


JANGO DEL MAR is proud to present ARKHAZIUM, new exclusive artist . They kick off for their first release ‘MoonStone‘. When we listen to their single we said OH WOW they drop us a pure progressive house track!  Already supported by numbers of international djs, ‘Moonstone’ will be available on February 11 on Beatport exclusive.


And finally for our label Jango X, you will discover a new french talent ROBS D. Title track ‘Bring A Time‘ comes with an infectious groovin’ drive, glued by Bouncy rhythms which create an extraordinary tension for the clubs. Already supported by Marco Carola and Sam Divine.


With success a key aspect that defines Jango Records and any record label for that matter, could you give us an insight on how rewarding this initiative has been over the years, as well as any future aspirations that you may have as times progresses?

It is quite complicated to answer this question, we do not decide the success of each track. People take a track and make it what it is today or they will make it tomorrow. But our heart does not deceive, we will continue to sign tracks with our feeling, our feeling and our love of electronic music. Moreover, for those who want to send us their demo, you can send us on the demo section of our website: https://www.jangorecords.com/

Featured Image Credit: Le Petit Frenchy (Press)


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