MitiS & Crystal Skies deliver stunning melodic bass collaboration ‘Gone’: Listen

Uniting to start off the year on the brightest note, melodic bass icon MitiS and power-duo Crystal Skies are teaming up to celebrate the release of the first stunning collaboration ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Not Since When’ to be released on February 11th, 2022. Delivering their breathtaking single ‘Gone’ featuring Linney which takes listeners on an uplifting journey reflecting all of the artist’s signature styles, this collaboration is definitely one for the books. Officially releasing on Insomniac’s melodic bass and vocal dance label Lost In Dreams, the collaboration marks the start of a milestone year for Crystal Skies as they prepare tirelessly for their full-length debut.

Gently flowing into a whirlwind of subtle chimes and soothing guitar chords, mesmerizing vocals become apparent to provide listeners with a sense of peace. Taking melodic bass into their own hands, MitiS and Crystal Skies invoke those summery sounds that make the track irresistible. With those feel-good vibes immediately present from the start, the soulful vocals are the cherry on top of this impressive collaboration. As the anticipation begins to build for the upcoming album, Crystal Skies share:

“We’re really excited to release this collab, especially after spending this fall on tour together! We had a lot of great experiences in all the cities we visited and it’s always amazing to hear how our music impacts people in a live setting. I think we got to know and understand each other’s music a lot better over the fall and with that in mind we knew we had to do another song together. We’re really happy with how this one came out. Linney did an amazing job with the vocals and we think it will be a perfect fit on our album.”

Listen to MitiS and Crystal Skies ‘Gone’ below and let us know if you are excited about the album in the comments.

Photo Credits: MitiS Official Press


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