Melanated NFT Gallery will release exclusive DMX NFT series with unreleased songs & more

A new blockchain service company called Melanated NFT Gallery (MNFTG) has just released a new NFT series featuring the late rapper DMX. The auction comes after the company previously announced that the legendary rapper’s long-term friend, DJ Superior, partnered up with MNFTG to create the NFT series called Darkman X No Words. As part of the release, you can find unreleased songs, a freestyle battle, rare pictures, and handwritten lyrics from his personal rhyme book. The pieces in the series became available for auction on December 31 and are currently listed with a minimum bid of 100 WETH (roughly $300,000 at the time of writing) and spanning 210 WETH as a minimum bid ($630,000 at the time of writing). Portions of the proceed will go to the family of DMX.

MNFTG is a Black and female-owned company and has also announced that they have plans to release a second series featuring Miles Davis, the legendary jazz trumpeter as part of their inaugural release of four pop culture icons. The remaining two are Prince and Keith Dorsey. According to the companies website, MNFTG was founded in 2021 and “provides creators from the global African& Afro+Latinx diaspora an opportunity to capitalize from their creations by offering limited edition, exclusive digital collectibles in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Crypto-Art”.

The auction is set to end in four days. You can check out the collection as well as place a bid here.


Image credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images via AFP