Nas NFT drop crashed 3LAU’s marketplace ‘Royal’

Grammy award winner rapper Nas was set to release 2 different NFT drops for his fans. Beginning with the first drop his song ‘ultra black’ was scheduled for release at 1 pm ET, and his song ‘RARE’ was the second NFT scheduled for 9 pm ET both on 3LAU’s new emerging NFT marketplace Royal. Fans would then buy the NFT and get a percentage of the streaming royalty. At 1 pm ET, the demand was so high that the website crashed leaving fans confused and frustrated. Royal announced on Discord and Twitter that the servers were being worked on and would be resolved at 1:30 PM ET. 

After the deadline had reached, the servers were still down which forced 3LAU and Nas to delay the drop even further causing panic and uncertainty in the community.

After a few hours had passed, 3LAU announced on the ‘Royal’ discord server that the drop will be rescheduled to January 20th.

UPDATE: New date for the @Nas drop — Thurs, Jan 20. Same times, same place. Ultra Black at 1pm ET. Rare at 9pm ET. Thank you for your patience. The excitement is real. We appreciate you 

This is proof that NFTs are here to stay, and that the demand was so strong that the website crashed. The world is changing at an incredible pace and is certainly proof of the popularity of Nas and this NFT drop in particular.