Roy Lacroix and Kyle Zuck go hard on thumping "Elevate": Listen

Roy Lacroix and Kyle Zuck go hard on thumping “Elevate”: Listen

American house producers and labelmates Roy Lacroix and Kyle Zuck have come together to put out a deep new house collaboration called “Elevate”.  You may not have heard of them before, but this track will surely make you know their names.

The duo, releasing a song together for the first time, are both still relatively up and coming in the greater EDM scene. If this song is anything to go by, that status won’t stick with them for too much longer. The pair are both signed to burgeoning New York City label Holy Molé Music; Lacroix, based out of Los Angeles, also makes music under Psycho Disco and OFDM. Similarly, New York’s Zuck also produces under the banners of Box of Cats and Popgang.

“Elevate” wastes no time getting into the groove- from the moment it begins, razor-sharp cymbals and subtly strong drums invite and entice you in before you know it, you’ve been put under an unshakeable spell. The house side of the song shines through clearly, but there’s also a hint of trance flavor to the track that’s just impossible to ignore. The captivating repetition of the song’s few lyrics (“Everyday I elevate/I need it just to regulate”) combines with a bass line and synths that creep in and slowly take over. The result is a track that grows on you over time- like an old classic, you find something new and interesting every time you revisit it. It’ll certainly claim a spot on your playlist.

To listen to “Elevate”, from Roy Lacroix and Kyle Zuck, click here to check it out via Youtube or here for links to Holy Molé Winter Fresh Volume 3, the compilation where the song is featured.