Showtek links with VÉRITÉ for astonishing house track ‘Pour It Down’: Premiere

The dynamic and highly successful Dutch duo Showtek seemed unstoppable throughout the past year. The duo consisting of Wouter Janssen and Sjoerd Janssen delivered a highly regarded collection of hits in 2021 including the addictive ‘Pum Pum’ a collaborative effort with Sevenn as well as the critically acclaimed 2 track extended play ‘Mercy’. Now the Djing and producing duo seem on track to mirror last years success as they kickstart this brand new year with an incredible new track ‘Pour It Down featuring vocalist VÉRITÉ.

‘Pour It Down’ is a track that needs to be heard to be believed, opening with delicate piano keys combined with astonishing vocals from New York City-based VÉRITÉ it takes an intoxicating twist in production as the track reaches the chorus and drop. Intrinsic and demanding house elements bombard the track, truly showcasing Showtek’s incredible production skills and versatility when creating their musical art. It’s a for the dancefloor and festivals track, an infectious song that every listener should expect to revisit time and time again.

“There’s nothing I love more than when a song finds its home and a world. ‘Pour It Down’ was an idea from a while ago that was given new life in a completely new environment. Showtek flipped my perspective and this type of spontaneous collaboration is part of what makes creating music so exciting.” – VÉRITÉ

We always try to create a feeling in our music that matches the lyrics. For us, working with her [VÉRITÉ] enabled us to show a more mature side.”’ – Showtek

Showtek and VÉRITÉ find themselves as two success stories within the industry, combined boasting a total of almost 1 billion Spotify streams, ‘Pour It Down seems like a match made in heaven and a global hit waiting to occur, adding itself nicely to the artist’s portfolios. Out now on Universal Music, the release is accompanied by a perfectly crafted official lyric video including shots from Showtek’s tour life, you can check it out on YouTube here. Listen to ‘Pour It Downfor yourself on Spotify below or alternatively on your streaming platform of choice here.


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