THE BIBI delivers eclectic new single ‘Those Sad Moments’ feat. Beren: Listen

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, THE BIBI (real name Eliran Bibi) has just blessed fans alike with the most eclectic of productions. Teaming up with singer/songwriter Beren for this latest release, ‘Those Sad Moments‘ will have listeners embark on the most meaningful of journeys, as each musical element encapsulates the emotive aura of this multi-faceted artist. Hailing from the Middle East and Israel in particular, THE BIBI is on a quest to reach global domination, and we are all for it!

Taking pride in his unique approach when producing music, THE BIBI is the personification of an artist that has mastered his craft to the the utmost of perfection, whilst the versatile nature that defies his presence within the dance scene, has more than certainly resulted in the production of the most mesmersing of tracks. With this in mind, ‘Those Sad Moments’ reflects a moment in time where positivity was scarce, and in turn, a need of portraying the current mood felt through the one way he knows best, his music. A melancholic and sad vibe emits throughout, but at the same time, the most powerful of electronic drops, ensures that sense of euphoria for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this masterpiece of a track.

“The main idea of the production was written in almost one day. It started when I was sad one day, I usually try to convey positive messages through my music but the feelings I had that day I could not hide and I realized that those sad moments should be spoken as well.” – THE BIBI

A truly unique and emotive production, ‘Those Sad Moments’ will have you feeling some type of way from start to finish, whilst the addition of Beren on vocals, help elevate the track to a different dimension. Oozing with energy throughout, the message behind the track is conveyed in the most powerful of ways, with both set of artist’s implementing their respective musical talents in the most creative but yet subtle of manners. Out now, be sure to check out this certified hit on Spotify below, with ‘Those Sad Moments’ also available for streaming through all major platforms here. Enjoy!

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Image Credit: THE BIBI (Press)

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