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The Chainsmokers tease new music and drop surprise remix of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of The Chainsmokers. After a somewhat long hiatus, they are finally teasing a return and a revival of their career with their next chapter currently being written. Slowly returning to social media with a change of profile pictures and new posts, they also dropped a surprise new remix of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me‘ which was exclusively texted out to those signed up to receive text alerts from the duo.

Heavily on the melodic side, and with their classic vocals in full force, this remix begins with delicate piano notes with heart and soul fuelling it before the drop then builds up towards the end and the energy levels are ramped up. Perfect to get the crowds warmed up, they have taken from Bonnie Raitt‘s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ and Bon Iver‘s version of it, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me / Nick of Time.’ Stated by them as a gift for the fan’s patience, they also said ‘Get ready for TCS4…’ which proves that this year will be the year we finally see a new body of work, with them letting us in on how their time away from social media was spent.

Aside from this remix, which you can listen to here, they also returned to social media with a bang. Sending out a link to pre-save their new single, they did not yet reveal a date but we do know that the track is titled ‘High.’ It also seems as though The Chainsmokers are taking a purple colour-themed approach with the branding of TCS4 – their fourth album following ‘Memories…Do Not Open‘ (2017), ‘Sick Boy ‘ (2018), and ‘World War Joy‘ (2019) – with their pages changing to reflect this. Posting an extremely short snippet of the new track, you can listen to this below.

Get ready for ‘High’ and pre-save it here.


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