TOP Rated Decibel Meter Apps for Android & iOS

Living in the modern world means being constantly exposed to loud noises. Find out about the best smartphone decibel meter apps to take care of your hearing. 

What Is A Sound Meter App

A sound meter app is an application programmed to pick up surrounding noises and evaluate the level of sound. A sound level meter app is a more convenient solution for a regular user than the specialized equipment.

Why Use It

Human ears can pick a range of noises, but after a certain level, they become dangerous for our health. Noises are measured in decibels, and it is crucial to know the level of certain sounds to preserve your hearing. A noise meter app is a useful tool that everyone can utilize at all times. Sounds below 60 dB are considered normal for our ears. Louder noises might be simply uncomfortable or harmful for our health at most. For example, a simple conversation produces 60 dB noises. On the other hand, hairdryers and loud music in headphones produce 90 dB sounds, which can be damaging if you are exposed to them for a long time. 

Best Decibel Meter Apps 2022

To discover the best decibel meter app, read about some of the most popular up-to-date programs. 

Decibel Pro App

This decibel meter app is known as one of the best sound measuring apps available for different types of devices. Decibel Pro App is supported on both iOS and Android, so you can download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Market. This decibel meter app is one of the top picks because of its numerous benefits: 

  • The program is free of charge, which makes it affordable for everyone. 
  • Decibel Pro App offers a decent variety of features in addition to its key option of measuring the noise level. 
  • Professionals can use this tool as well due to its high quality and precise tuning. 
  • A convenient hearing test is included in the app to keep track of your health. 

Not only is Decibel Pro App so convenient and accessible, but it also has an amazing design. It is user-friendly and visually pleasant.


SoundMeter is a basic noise dosimeter application suitable for measuring noises in your everyday life. However, it is used to noise levels close to the human voice, and sounds louder than 90 dB might not be recognized, which is unfortunate. Overall, this program will cover your basic needs. 

Too Noisy Pro

This is a special decibel meter app made for controlling the sound level among children. If you need to keep a group of kids not too loud, this application will be useful. As you can see, this is a playful app designed mainly for children. Too Noisy Pro will not be suitable for your noise measurements at work or for health purposes. 

Decibel X

This decibel app is a regular noise measuring program developed for portable devices. While Decibel X offers a variety of features, they are all sound meter-related and do not include hearing tests or other options.

How to Choose the Best Sound Level Meter App

To pick the best sound measuring application, you must find one that meets certain requirements. Pay attention to the following criteria when selecting a noise dosimeter app: 

  • Accuracy – there is no point in having a faulty noise meter. Choose a program with precise configuration and measurements. 
  • Price – be sure to spend your money on high-quality products. Some apps are free while offering great features.
  • User reviews – read through some reviews when choosing an app. Real user experience will help you understand whether a certain application is worth your time and money or not. 
  • Additional features – is this app a basic noise measuring tool, or does it have additional useful features? Sometimes, less is more, but features like a hearing test are actually incredibly helpful when using a decibel app.
  • Coverage – make sure that the necessary app is available for your portable device. 

These are some easy tips on picking a top-quality sound measuring program. Make sure to keep these criteria in mind when choosing or testing every application. 


Based on the criteria listed above, Decibel Pro App is a top-rated program for a reason. It meets all the demands and offers some of the best solutions in the modern market. This is a well-rounded program for all users, whether one needs to measure the level of noise in a neighborhood or use it for work.


Image Credit: Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash


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