ZHANGYE marks debut with awe-inspiring ‘When I Was Young’ EP: Listen

Introducing himself in the most mesmerising of ways, ZHANGYE has just blessed us all with his debut ‘When I Was Young‘ EP. Embarking on yet another endeavor, this well-known venture capitalist has ensured that all attributes that have been gained over the years, will now be playing a key role in his emergence as a DJ/producer within our community. No easy task of course, however, this two-track EP is a clear representation of the values and the versatility that he portrays, and we are all for it!

Driven by his passion for music and the inspiration that can be achieved whilst listening to a certain song, ZHANGYE has set out on not only leaving his own mark within the electronic dance industry, but also ensuring that each of his productions will resonate with anyone and anybody who may be facing obstacles whilst aiming to achieve their goals. A truly unique outtake on life, is only further enhanced through the unique sound emitted in ‘When I Was Young‘ and ‘Float Along.’

Making a statement of its own, ‘When I Was Young’ provides those feel-good elements throughout, with high energy a key feature that will have anyone out of their seats and straight onto the dance floor. The addition of Julia Ross on vocal duty, help elevate the track to a different dimension, with this banger becoming a certified hit in our books. In a sound contrasting manner, ZHANGYE showcases his versatility in the most efficient of ways, with ‘Float Along’ the perfect combination of progressive house and melancholic indie, as the vibe is reversed from one track to the other.

A truly unique EP, ZHANGYE has entered the dance scene in the most fitting of ways, and with each production just the start, we cannot wait for what’s to come next from this multi-faceted artist. Out now, be sure to check out the ‘When I Was Young’ EP below, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of each track in the comments section. Enjoy!

Image Credit: ZHANGYE (via Instagram)

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