Ben Böhmer ‘The Apparitions’

Ben Böhmer reimagines tracks from ‘Begin Again’ alongside Rob Moose for ‘The Apparitions’ EP: Listen

In 2021, Anjunadeep favourite Ben Böhmer embarked on an emotional and stunning journey in the form of his latest album ‘Begin Again.’ Written from a dark and hard time in his life, it allowed him to reflect and ultimately take fans on an incredible journey through the most emotional side of uplifting and relaxing trance soundscapes. Now, Ben Böhmer takes four of the top favourites out of the 11-track body of work and reimagines them in a beautiful way alongside composer and producer, Rob Moose, on ‘The Apparitions’ EP.

Selecting the tracks ‘Home‘ with JONAH, ‘Slow Wave‘ with Gordi, ‘Beyond Beliefs,’ and ‘Erase‘ with lau.ra to take on this new journey, this is where classical and trance mix perfectly. With trance already not being too far from some of the same elements that is found within classical music, this is the two genres combined at their best.

“I first discovered Rob through his work with Phoebe Bridgers on her ‘Copycat Killer’ EP and instantly knew I wanted to work with him one day. That day came sooner than I thought. When we started the project neither of us were sure on how it would all come together or what form it would take, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result! It is so special to hear such a unique take on my music and I hope you enjoy listening to it.” – says Ben Böhmer via Instagram

Wanting you to stop and take in every detail sounding through your speakers, ‘The Apparitions’ EP is more than successful in taking fans on a spiritual journey where they can take a moment out of their busy schedules to stop, breathe, and reflect. With all tracks certainly being tear-jerkers, there won’t be a dry eye in the house once this is put on. Not losing the magic of the originals but rather adding to them and building upon them, these are another set of tracks that are sure to become beloved within his fanbase.

Talking about the overall structure of the EP, Rob Moose stated:

“I loved getting to work with Ben and the featured singers on this project. In the beginning, we weren’t sure what shape our collaboration would take, and almost as a lark, I tried muting all the album stems and building the entire structure with just strings. To my delight, Ben liked this approach, and I went deep with all the stems, studying FX artifacts and minute timings to try to translate electronic sounds onto a body of strings without losing the magical idiosyncrasies of the original work. I hope that the EP feels familiar to fans of the album, but pulls their ears and their hearts in unexpected directions.”

‘The Apparitions’ EP is out now via Anjunadeep.


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