CamelPhat release hair-raising new single ‘Silenced’: Listen

Whether with originals or remixes, CamelPhat don’t let fans wait too long for new releases. There’s no rest for CamelPhat or their fantastic music, to everyone’s delight. ‘Silenced‘ is the name of their brand new single, already available for purchase or streaming via RCA Record Label.

CamelPhat are not just an electronic duo of producers hailing from Liverpool, but a name that is now synonymous with the most stylish productions on their circuit. In October 2020, the duo released their much-anticipated debut album ‘Dark Matter‘. The LP is a powerful collection of the tracks that have long shone on CamelPhat’s sets and some unreleased dance cuts. The 21-piece masterpiece was welcomed with open arms by his followers and the industry at large, having seen its quality perpetuated with silver certification. Now, in the second month of 2022, the magic of ‘Dark Matter’ is reinforced with a dreamy new tune, which seems to have been designed to guarantee transcendental dancefloor experiences.

CamelPhat, as well as being respected architects in the studio, are true wizards when behind the decks. ‘Silenced’ is a fine example of this. The track conjures all the ingredients necessary for an incendiary club-ready hit, revealing itself to have been carefully crafted to mesmerise you. For almost four minutes, or eight if you’re listening to the extended mix, you’re bewitched by hair-raising synths, jarring beats and an angelic voice. The soulful vocals on ‘Silenced’ are provided by the talented Jem Cooke, whose voice is also featured on other extracts from ‘Dark Matter’ such as ‘Rabbit Hole‘, ‘Carry Me Away‘, and ‘Breathe‘.

‘Silenced’ has been used in CamelPhat’s latest performances and its official release comes just in time for their biggest ever UK tour, set to begin as early as March 10 and including the sold-out Wembley Arena show on April 9. ‘Silenced’ has been given a major spotlight on BBC Radio 1, being featured by Danny Howard as the hottest record.

Let yourself too be spellbound by this new single by pressing play below.

Image credit: CamelPhat (via Facebook)