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European nations posing serious doubt on their upcoming festival season

With summer fast approaching, European countries such as England and Germany are fearing for the worst as they prepare to begin the upcoming festival season. 

LiveKomm, a German association for live music, has issued an ominous warning that “the end of club and festival culture as we know it.” They’ve called for policymakers to ensure direction and clarity for the upcoming season, as the live music industry sector is seeking certainty again in the navigation out of the pandemic.

Key takeaways from the open letter by Steffen Kache, Executive Director of LiveKomm, can be read below:

“The clubs and festivals are concerned that there is still a lack of knowledge about the planning effort required to run them. Without developing perspectives, short-term decisions are made in an unclear political situation…sporting events, catering establishments or even the maintenance of customs seem to find prospects, while music clubs and concerts seem to remain regulated in their special position and are disproportionately restricted in comparison.

The political mode must be more transparent, otherwise the industry cannot prepare for opening scenarios. Optimistic voices assume that the rules will be relaxed soon, this must not happen without the clubs being taken into account and must also be communicated as such. Everything is currently up in the air, staff, planning and operation, festivals and clubs are completely blank.

Renewed lockdowns and closures must be prevented, after two years politicians can be asked to take preventive measures and plans that start before the wave to protect the cultural industry. Any planning omissions in the coming period will destroy livelihoods in autumn, which is why the clubs and festivals are demanding:

Make it possible, develop concepts, open up culture as a whole – including club, festival and night culture – with a long-term perspective.”

Whilst other European nations such as Denmark and Sweden have removed restrictions, and as great as that is, it sadly won’t provide instant relief and gratification for the events industry or the upcoming festival season; staff shortages and supply chain issues still threaten what once was. 


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