Innellea is back on Afterlife Records with the four-part EP ‘Distorted Youth’: Listen

German prodigy Innellea makes a majestic return to the acclaimed Italian label with an incredible four-part EP. ‘Distorted Youth‘ is a utopian sonic journey into the realm of melodic techno and is out now via Afterlife. But Distorted Youth is much more than a glorious EP, it is an innovative audiovisual concept that includes not only the four tracks but also a music video, a clothing line and a global live tour.

It is always very gratifying to watch the growth of contemporary dance music stars. In the case of Innellea, his path has been an uphill one, full of success that not all the mishaps that life sometimes offers have slowed down the creative force of this excellent producer. Innellea’s origins lay in the blossoming underground melodic techno scene and he immediately stood out for his incredibly scenic productions and live performances using an endless amount of state of the art gear. Despite the damage that the pandemic inflicted on the industry nothing stopped Innellea who saw the year 2021 as one of the most promising. Driven by a futuristic and modern vision, unwavering integrity and unquenchable creativity, Innellea promises to continue in the same abounding fashion, unveiling now the brand-new multifaceted creative concept Distorted Youth. On the project, Innellea commented:

‘Distorted Youth is an all-encompassing audio-visual experience. An EP, a music video, a new clothing line for my brand ‘INN’ and a truly innovative new global Live Tour concept. The full package also has a deeper meaning, which everyone will be able to discover and interpret for themselves. We are all the product of our own Distorted Youth.”

The EP also seems to share this concept that overflows with meaning and invites all listeners to feel the sounds and translate them according to their more or less distorted youth. The four-chapter EP marks Innellea’s highly anticipated return to Afterlife Records after his flawless debut in 2018 with the ‘Vigilians‘ EP and the highly acclaimed 2019 release ‘The World Returns’ EP.

This new EP opens with ‘Confronted Reality‘. Not only is the title meaningful, but all of its layers. Innellea’s signature mind-altering synths are very present, creating a progressive melody that takes you by the hand into an alternative world. The beat dialogues between more metallic, industrial tones and rougher, organic ones, ensuring a transcorporeal experience. No wonder this track has been widely applauded in his sets in the last months, in Itajaí, Tulum and even London.

Next comes the title track. The intro comes as a copious breath, cut by a highly urban vocal. With an unexpected breakbeat, this track is a complete disruption of the previous track’s sound. Less dreamy and more infused, it leaves a trail of modernity and depth, achieved by the intelligent and artistic arrangement of its layers. The various textures respect each other, giving air and individualism to each one, without losing the silver line that unites them. This urban atmosphere will be complemented by a dark music video created by Innellea and Munich-based filmmaker Marco Fumolo, which will arrive on February 9.

Loss Of Hope‘ follows. The characteristic sounds of Innellea’s productions are here very strong and enhanced by the metallic echoes. The four-four pulsating beats are so alive that they make you visualise the lights of the machine buttons dancing to the rhythm of the tempos. It’s a dynamic journey that alternates between the darkness of the deep basslines and the light of the sparkling beats.

The journey ends with ‘Irreversible‘. This track is more mysterious, harsh, infused by a clubbing mystique. Screaming techno, this hostile dance cut features rough sonic patterns and a penetrating aura. Minimalist, it delivers surprising sounds, adding complexity gradually and progressively.

‘Distorted Youth’ is without a doubt an amazing EP and very diverse in the musical offer it provides. The release of this work leads to Innellea’s first-ever live tour concept which will consist of over a dozen shows across Europe and North America. The tour started on February 5 in London and will run until May 20th in Budapest. You can read all about this tour here.

INN‘, the exclusive clothing brand the Innellea can now be purchased at so you can listen to the music in style while you press play below:


Image Credit: Peter Plantar