Joris Voorn releases the highly anticipated remix of ‘Safe’ by Monkey Safari: Listen

If you’re one of the thousands of Joris Voorn fans who have been longing for the arrival of his remix of Monkey Safari‘s incredible single ‘Safe‘, rest your heart. The dutchman’s rework of ‘Safe’ is available now on the usual platforms, via his iconic label Spectrum.

German duo Monkey Safari have been dazzling the industry with their unique creations. True unicorns, the tracks by this talented duo are characterized by a beautifully crafted fusion between electronic and world music, leaning towards the transcendent energy of indie-laden sounds. Still fresh in the memory are emotional pearls like ‘Hi‘, ‘Mantra‘ or ‘Gira‘, which touched listeners directly in the soul, but the focus now goes to ‘Safe’. On May 2020 Monkey Safari landed on Joris Voorn’s Spectrum with a charismatic deep house cut. Lined with dreamy progressive strings and a crescendo of chords that seems to draw a tunnel to a magical land, ‘Safe’ narrates a strong message of togetherness, love and hope. This meaningful track came as a much-needed lifesaving power when the world was turned upside down. Although it was produced well before the pandemic hit the world, ‘Safe’ seemed predestined to be released at that time, as Monkey Safari explain:

‘We produced Safe as a message of unity, hope and love. When we came to release it, we realised it soundtracked our socially isolated emotions to perfection. Sharing emotions is one of our main motivations when producing music and DJing. Getting together, dancing together, smiling together.’

Making no secret of his passion for the track, label boss Joris Voorn has not spared any effort to show off this wonderful track in his sets, having teased fans for two years that he would be in the making of a remix. How to reinterpret a single that seems to encapsulate the very concept of perfection? Joris Voorn made it sound effortless. Without dampening the original magic of ‘Safe’ and keeping this blanket-like feeling, the Dutchman has added more rhythm to it, shifting the deep house spectrum a bit more towards techish house. Although some of the elements are now sharper and clearer, the whole soundtrack has gained depth. This three-dimensionality achieved by Voorn extrapolates the intensity with which ‘Safe’ touches your heart. Less melodramatic, Joris Voorn’s rework makes it more club-ready, more unburdened, and more versatile. The vocal has been given a very elegant highlight, letting the message be the lead of the whole narrative. Sublime and additive, an extremely charismatic track capable of provoking a great moment of communion on the dancefloor. Lose yourself to the sound of this remix of ‘Safe’ below.


Image Credit: Martin Sweers