live-stream sets

Live-stream sets take place this week as part of Ukraine fundraiser

A number of DJs and EDM streaming platforms have decided to raise funds for Ukraine this upcoming week by hosting live-stream sets.  All proceeds will directly benefit Ukrainian organizations following the events that have taken place this past week.

On Thursday, February 24th, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared war on their neighbouring country Ukraine by invading the country on a full-scale level which has resulted in a humanitarian crisis for the Ukrainian people and respective governments. In response to this unjust act, people from all over the world are reacting in numerous ways in protest.

Throughout the week, many EDM radio stations and platforms are encouraging awareness and support for Ukraine through live-streamed sets. Beginning yesterday, February 27th, Amsterdam’s Radio Radio FM hosted live-stream sets to benefit Ukraine where all proceeds will go to The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and the International Fund (КОЖЕН МОЖЕ). Some DJs that performed included Alison Swing, Carista, DJ Bone, Elias Mazian, Job Jobse, Ki/Ki, Lola Palmer, and Young Marco. The organisers of the live-stream also encouraged protestors to attend an in-person demonstration in Dam Square.

Berlin’s Refuge Worldwide radio and Our Society also hosted an event this past Sunday in the Oona venue. Funds raised via this donation link here will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross and Vostok-SOS.

Furthermore, there are numerous other ways to help Ukraine through this crisis, including supporting Ukraine-based artists via this Google Sheet here.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti