Met Fish

Met Fish takes fans on a euphoric journey with new ‘Universe’ EP: Listen

Further expanding his impressive and growing discography, Italian producer Met Fish is taking fans on a magical journey through the ‘Universe‘ with his new four-track EP, which also happens to be his third overall. Experimenting with music, his journey was born and started back in 2007 where he has explored his musical capabilities in great depth. Met Fish, also known as Damiano Capo, represents the very best of Italian electronic music and more specifically, trance. Using music as a way to express himself, the ‘Universe’ EP takes fans on a high speed journey with uplifting trance at the helm of it all. Speaking on the vision of the EP, the producer states:

“The music is a universal language that unified all diversities”

Kicking off the body of work powerfully, the opening track ‘Cosmic Silence‘ is armed with a powerful vocal, which Met Fish expertly lays a completely euphoric soundscape over. Making listeners feel like they are on top of the world, this represents trance exactly as it should be: bursting at the seams with soaring energy and emotion. With cinematic buildups that explode into the drop, holding nothing back, it sets the perfect tone as to what to expect from the rest of the EP. As we move further in, the track ‘Pleiades‘ offers feel-good, fist pumping vibes with energy that makes its way from the veins of the track to the body of the listener, leaving them with no choice but to dance. An instrumental piece of work, it allows for Met Fish to showcase his production skills in an impressive light. As the second vocal-lead track of the EP, ‘Orion‘ inspires listeners to reach for the stars, with its inspiring sound and encapsulating lyrics. Closing out ‘Universe’, the gothic and funk-inspired ‘Andromeda‘ makes listeners feel as though they’re soaring through the galaxy. A lengthy buildup has them on the edge of their seats, with a drop that is truly worth the wait.

Overall, ‘Universe’ is a true treat waiting to be explored, and you can do so below.

Image credit: Angel Dorvex photography 

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