Netherlands set to rid most of its Covid-19 restrictions by February 25

Ernst Kuipers, the Dutch Health Minister, yesterday revealed that the Netherlands are set to remove all of their Covid-19 restrictions in stages across the next couple of weeks. 

In a recent press conference, Kuipers gave his insight into the new plan:

“More people than ever have been infected. After the latest relaxation of measures, the number of infections continued to rise. The staggering amount of infections has not resulted in a similarly sharp rise in hospitalisations due to severe symptoms of Covid-19. What we had hoped for, turned out to be correct. We are more resistant to the virus thanks to vaccines, and previous infections.”

Immediately, there are no restrictions on the amount of visitors allowed in homes, and those working from home can now physically attend their workplace part-time if deemed to be necessary.

From February 18, bars and restaurants will be permitted to remain open until 1am, face masks won’t be required unless you’re at event with more than 500 people, on public transport or at airports; if you test positive to Covid-19, you must isolate for only five days and leave isolation once asymptomatic for at least 24 hours. 

From February 25, restrictions will again be eased, where businesses can operate as normal and social distancing restrictions will be fully eliminated. The situation will be up for re-evaluation again on March 15, if the government deems it necessary to make any changes. 

You can read the full list of the Netherlands restrictions and changes here.

For the live music and events industry, this is positive news; social distancing and face masks won’t be a requirement and clubs can remain open as normal. Calls had been made repeatedly to lift these restrictions in the last two years, with some clubs opening in protest, despite the risk of incurring fines and penalties. 

Kuipers also commended the people of the Netherlands for doing the right thing 

“The Dutch are taking their responsibility. We still have a lot to do. That is why I am entering this new phase with great confidence. The chance that you will encounter someone who carries the virus is still high…we are taking a risk, but I am not afraid that we will have to step on the brakes any time soon.”


Image Credit: Mysteryland (via Facebook)

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