ODESZA release the official music video for their track ‘The Last Goodbye’: Watch

After they released their brand-new single ‘The Last Goodbye’ featuring Bettye LaVette a couple of weeks ago, ODESZA have just put out the official music video to perfectly compliment the track.

This music video, directed by their creative director Sean Kusanagi, is a striking performance of the track; Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of ODESZA perform across a variety of different instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, piano and modular synthesiser. They’re also accompanied by Eva Walker of The Black Tones on the bass and Garret Hopper playing the drums. The studio layout also features a giant projector screen in the background, which features original footage of LaVette singing her track ‘Let Me Down Easy’, which the boys sampled for ‘The Last Goodbye’

Having racked up just shy of 175,000 views on YouTube in only four days since its premiere, we can only assume that views will continue to trend upwards.

“This song was born out of the concept of trying to bring these lasting, defining musical pieces like the 1965 release of ‘Let Me Down Easy’ by Bettye LaVette into a modern and contemporary electronic setting. The idea of bringing two worlds together, that at first seem distant, has always been something we’ve been drawn to. It was an absolute honour to be able to work with Bettye’s voice over the course of writing the track. She’s able to convey emotion with her vocal work unlike any other. To date, this has been one of the more fulfilling songs we’ve had the chance to work on as artists. We hope everyone who listens enjoys the track as much as we did making it.” 

You can watch the official music video of The Last Goodbye’ by ODESZA and Bettye LaVette down below, be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Image Credit: rukes.com

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