Home Uncategorized Rebūke revives Green Velvet’s massive classic ‘Thoughts’: Listen
Rebūke revives Green Velvet’s massive classic ‘Thoughts’: Listen
Image credit: Green Velvet (via

Rebūke revives Green Velvet’s massive classic ‘Thoughts’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Rebūke revives Green Velvet’s massive classic ‘Thoughts’: Listen

Rebūke is a relevant player in contemporary techno. Owner of a very particular style, the DJ and music producer has always stood out for the way he approaches mixing behind the decks and how he creates intriguing tracks in the studio. In addition to many originals, Rebūke has also been noticed for his interpretations of powerful singles, to which he breathes new life. This time, Rebūke rescues a great classic by the legendary Green Velvet to give it a more modern, dense and intricate taste. Rebūke’s remix of ‘Thoughts‘ is available on the usual platforms, via Green Velvet’s Relief.

‘Thoughts’ is the first track from ‘Constant Chaos‘, Green Velvet’s debut album, released in January 1999 via Music Man Records. Like all the iconic American artist’s hits, the track exudes a powerful message that is spread by a dense, penetrating vocal that speaks to your ear and enters directly into your mind. ‘Thoughts’ spun repeatedly, becoming a favourite on the rave circuit. Like Green Velvet’s other pearls, it is timeless and continues to make anyone who hears it dance. Now, in 2022, the track shows itself as an excellent working canvas and Rebūke has carved this diamond down to fine-tuning all its edges.

The intro immediately mesmerises with a metallic, elastic sound that wraps and wraps you up until you’re completely caught up in the melody. Despite the plethora of sounds and layers that Rebūke has spread under the track, every element is elegantly crafted and the vocal maintains its prominence. Offering ‘Thoughts’ a renewed and modern metric, the producer adds rhythm, changes the cadence and creates truly musical borders that frame the fantastic vocal. The result is an ethereal remix that combines the richness of a classic with the refinement of modern production. A true ode to elegant techno, absolutely sublime and addictive.


Image credit: Green Velvet (via Facebook), Rebūke (via Facebook)

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