Röyksopp drop euphonic new cut ‘This Time, This Place’ featuring Beki Mari: Listen

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp are back with another exciting release. ‘This Time, This Place‘ is the latest single from this veteran duo, now available to enjoy on the usual platforms via Dog Triumph Profound Mysteries.

In 2014, this two-head musical monster released ‘The Inevitable End‘, an LP that was intended to be Röyksopp’s big farewell to the traditional album format. And so it was. This year, the duo return with the announcement of something new. Expanding into 10 extracts, ‘Profound Mysteries‘ is much more than an album, being described by themselves as ‘an expanded creative universe and a prodigious conceptual project.‘ From this innovative approach to the art of making albums, three parts were already released: ‘(Nothing But) Ashes…‘, ‘The Ladder‘, and ‘Impossible‘ featuring Alison Goldfrapp. Now, we get ‘This time, This Place’, the fourth piece of this musical puzzle that counts with the collaboration of former Nouvelle Vague, film director and conceptualist Beki Mari. About the challenge proposed by Röyksopp to voice this euphoric track, the polymath explained that:

‘I could only describe working with Royksopp as an out of body experience. My mind already had the trails of their music burnt-in; little pathways back to very specific memories and so being asked to sing for them filled me with an inimitable feeling. In Norway, in their studio, my voice spanned octaves I didn’t know I had; which was especially interesting as I was still learning how to fly. Working with Svein and Torbjørn was a divine blessing, something I shan’t ever forget.’

The track is hypnotic and unique, translating Röyksopp’s authentic personality. Euphoric and progressive, it sounds like the soundtrack of a movie or a computer game where you are the main player. ‘This Time, This Place’ is a portal that takes you into a hyper-realistic world, featuring the beautiful vocals of Beki Mari.

In addition to the music, the audio-visual conceptual work ‘Profound Mysteries’ includes artefacts and visualizers developed by contemporary Australian artist Jonathan Zewada, which can be enjoyed through the Profound Mysteries portal. The physical release of this latest album will take place on April 29, and pre-orders are available here.

Image credit: Stian Andersen