Solardo return to releases with techno heater ‘Riser’: Listen

Solardo debuted on the 2022 release charts with a fulminating techno-infused single. Released on their imprint Sola, ‘Riser’ arrives with a forceful power to strengthen Solardo’s legacy in driving electrified crowds, completely insane.

Hailing from Manchester, the electronic music duo have enjoyed a fantastic and incredible career to follow. 2022 looks set to be another year full of Solardo, as it will also mark the return of their Higher to Dubrovnik, in what is anticipated to be their biggest ever edition. Until then, the UK duo present their fans with their first release of the year. ‘Riser’ wears its title literally. With the power to raise the energy and make adrenaline and euphoria levels soar, this track brings the darkness and harshness of techno without losing the lively artifices that so well characterise Solardo’s sound. ‘Riser’ is different, it doesn’t follow stereotypes or ties, representing perfectly the duo’s identity. On having chosen their label Sola to host this new hit, Solardo say:

‘We couldn’t think of a label more suited for a track as hard and uncompromising as Riser, than our very own Sola. We can’t wait for you all to hear this absolute heater being played out across the raves’

‘Riser’ saw its official release take place on February 18th, but fans have been salivating for this beauty for some time now. In recent months, it has been possible to enjoy this techno heater on the dancefloors as Solardo has taken the decks by storm.

Endowed with pristine percussion, ‘Riser’ has a fantastic beat, always accompanied by a delicious amount of high hats. A sort of tribal chanting takes away some of the harshnesses that hang around this techno track and gives it a more organic, warmer and more Solardo character. The build is relentless, driving listeners mercilessly insane. The synths are superb and the mosquito-like sound repeatedly reels you in a climbing tempo until it leaves you at the mercy of the steaming sub-bass. It’s certainly a highly recommended track to consume on a packed dancefloor with comfortable shoes and cool clothes, as it promises to make you sweat. Get ready for an energy riser.


Image credit: Craig Flemming