Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki launches his own metaverse: The A0K1VERSE

Steve Aoki has been one of the few entertainers, to always be at the forefront of trends, and the artist is always creating movements. The A0K1VERSE is an exclusive membership community that Steve Aoki and his team built 8 months ago, giving perks for collectors, and members that are active in The A0K1VERSE.

The artist has been everywhere, from opening his restaurant, his record label, invading the dance scene with his insane performance, and consistently making big moves in the crypto community. His first NFT collection, called ‘Dream Catcher,’ made over $4 million back in March 2021. His goal is to bring all of his connections from various industries, his friends, and his family into his metaverse, The A0K1VERSE. The goal is to create partnerships, collaborations, and airdrops, and Steve Aoki wants to unite all his connections in one digital space.

THE A0K1VERSE  provides a multitude of real-world and digital rewards for fans, including free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to his NFT releases, private events, metaverse experiences, free merchandise, digital wearables, and exclusive access to apparel and collectible collaborations. The metaverse is opening up opportunities for collaborations and renovation.

A0K1 Credits are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply cap of 50,000 credits, however, only 25,000 will be made for initial public release and the rest of the 25,000 supply will be used as an earnable reward for the community. The public sale will go live on the 15 February. On 7 February, The artist gave away free credits for his existing NFT collectors who later on can redeem them into a passport.

Starting 22 February, The A0K1VERSE community members will be able to redeem their credits for a personal passport, and they can exchange their credits to upgrade the level of their passports. The Passport grants members additional perks such as Metaverse access, events, digital collectibles, exclusive communities, physical clothing, and collectibles. More information will be shared in the future regarding the perks that members will gain when they level up even higher.


Image Credit: press