The Digital Renaissance

The Digital Renaissance is a new economy for artists and fans

The Digital Renaissance is a company that will disrupt the current income and traditional ownership system, and create a fair traditional economy for artists, creatives, brands, fans, and investors. The web3 company helps artists exit the stress of being a pawn of the current web2 companies such as Spotify, and youtube that provide artists barely any support. DR (The Digital Renaissance) allows artists to create freely be experimental and unleash creative freedom with the help of their new artist economy which awards creators a lifetime of passive income by selling their music and art as NFTs.

2022 is the year of The Digital Renaissance, their roadmap is clear leaving no detail behind, and the team is revealed. DR is aiming to benefit artists by creating an NFT boutique and organizing events and festivals, it is building a bridge between the physical and the digital world. The team is not prioritizing only one, but constructing a road to unite both. DR wants to push the idea of NFT ownership to the public to create the new economy it is passionate about, their system is focused on benefiting the artist before themselves. The company is trying to accomplish what OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces stopped too, which is to create a platform that is not for one industry but artists of all industries, from music artists, visual artists, gamers, content creators, and more. Artists will benefit from new direct income streams, access to collectors, passive income from secondary NFT sales, and more.

The Digital Renaissance is built around the $VINCI token, which is a token on the polygon (Matic) blockchain, the polygon blockchain is fast, reliable, eco-friendly because of its special proof of stake protocol, and it is easy to scale on, leaving collectors, artists, and fans paying fair prices to mint and buy NFTs, unlike the Ethereum blockchain. The $VINCI token has a supply of 500,000,000 tokens, the token is currently not public yet, the presale launch will be on Feb 12th, 12:00 CET, make a presale reservation here. The $VINCI token has several utilities to its holders, such as access to Airdrop, discounts, events, premium NFT sales, premium exclusive content, and much more. The token supply distribution is all stated in the whitepaper. What had caught our eyes was the project’s team locking their 8% supply of $VINCI for 3 years, which helps grow trust among the community that DR is not another quick money grab project. The Digital Renaissance benefits users/fans delivering a variety of new experiences that no other platform grants to its members. Fans will gain access to exclusive premium content, new ways of interaction & engagement with their favored artist, and get rewarded for supporting an artist.

The Digital Renaissance is already working with major artists in the music scene. It will be disrupting the economy, it is just a matter of time.