What is the total amount of BTC donated to Ukraine?

With the ongoing aggression that Russia is causing in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin and other crypto-assets have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional crowdfunding. They enable fast, cross-border donations, avoiding financial institutions that can prohibit funds or slow the withdrawal process.

Since the invasion began on February 24th, hundreds of bitcoin have been contributed raising $13,700,000. A single $3,000,000 Bitcoin gift was made to one NGO. The Cypherpunks NFT project which had raised $58,000,000 for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, donated $1,860,000. The Ukrainian government had tweeted a Bitcoin wallet address, a USDT on the Ethereum blockchain address, and an Ethereum address.

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin was wary of this tweet, fearing that the Ukrainian profile was a hoax. However, later in the day, a Ukrainian diplomat confirmed that the page is really tied to the government.

Pussy Riot, a political activist, and opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin founded a decentralized autonomous organization called UkrainianDAO. All donations go to Ukrainians who are suffering as a result of the conflict. Currently, the DAO has raised 534.44923 ETH in a bidding pool for the 1/1 Ukrainian flag which is equivalent to $1,353,944,65. The auction has not started yet.

“Our goal is to raise funds to donate to Ukrainian civilian organizations who help those suffering from the war that Putin started in Ukraine,” said Pussy Riot in a tweet.

Image credit: Shutterstock via Bitcoin.com