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Will Sparks joins forces with New World Sound for techno-induced single ‘LSD’: Listen

Have a soft spot for techno and house music? Well, Will Sparks and New World Sound have the perfect prescription for your daily dose of dance-floor ready madness. Climbing the charts is natural for Will Sparks. After an impressive five-track album ‘Nothing More, Nothing Less’ and his one-of-a-kind single ‘Patience’ which explores the realms of hardstyle, Will Sparks is a master of his craft and we would not have it any other way. An immediate crowd favorite as soon as the Australian producer takes the stage, Will Sparks took the pandemic as a time to reflect upon his sound and further develop his signature dance-floor ready production style. Making waves in the music industry one electrifying beat at a time, Will Sparks is infusing elements of techno and house by teaming up with Australian power duo New World Sound with his new single ‘LSD’ out on Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom.

With a clear passion for techno and house music, ‘LSD’ portrays Will Sparks’ and New World Sounds vision to go above and beyond the typical format. Launching off with enticing vocals to lure you into Will Sparks & New World Sound’s world of pure innovation, rumbling kick drums and subtle frequencies take over. Warning you of the intensity to come, Will Sparks and New World Sound fire off with a furious bassline that cannot be contained throughout the single. ‘LSD’ is an immediate dance-floor heater that features deep bass and powerful beat to keep you dancing all night long. A track which is guaranteed to be played on repeat, Will shares:

“The driving techno-inspired kick & bass mixed with my signature sound will catch you off guard. My good friend’s New World Sound and I found ways to bring both of us together, my favourite part is the vocal, which Tyron had his Fiancé record for us! You don’t need all the bells & whistles to make something special. Simplicity is key, so is ‘LSD’.”

Be sure to listen to ‘LSD’ below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Image Credit: Will Sparks (via Facebook)

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