A new multi-sensory Daft Punk museum is heading to LA

A special “multi-sensory” Daft Punk exhibit will begin in LA next month for two nights only on April 8th and 9th.  The new exhibit will take place in a replica of the signature Daft Punk helmet that is about 12,000 square feet to allow for a full 360 degrees of projection mapping.  The dome-like arena is set to hold thousands of LEDs to act as a stage, thus adding to the “multi-sensory” experience.

In an event description, which you can find more information on here, “Daft Punk Pyramid Dome Experience takes you to a multi-sensory dance party meets immersive space opera inspired by the legendary duo. Under a 12,000 sq. ft. domed screen, take in the state-of-the-art LED Pyramid stage, stunning 360 projection mapping, and transportive musical production featuring live sets.” The Daft Punk tribute group One More Time is slated to perform during the event.

Nearly one year after the duo retired, fans rejoiced as the pair announced a special live stream dedicated to the 25th anniversary of their album ‘Homework’.  The set was an hour-long and was taken from when they performed at Los Angeles’ Los Mayan Theater during their year-long international tour.  There have also been talks of a special LEGO built and dedicated to the performers.

The event is set to last two hours and there are general admission and VIP tickets available.  To purchase tickets click here.


Image Credit: MARIO ANZUONI / Reuters