Amelie Lens and Farrago will get married this summer

Love is in the air in the techno world. In a post that may very well be the most adorable and cute of the week and maybe of the month, Amelie Lens shared on social media the news that she and Farrago will get married this summer. The candid caption was accompanied by a delightful carousel of images showing the two in love at various stages of their long-standing relationship. The reaction to the post announcing the wedding couldn’t have been different and many were the fans who didn’t miss the opportunity to wish the techno couple well, but also fellow artists. Kobosil, Regal, Fjaak, Sam Paganini, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot, Kink, and Reinier Zonneveld were some of the DJs and producers who expressed their affection and joy for the impending marriage of Amelie and Farrago.


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On a personal level, they are a Belgian couple who fell in love as teenagers at a rave, with music serving as the backdrop for their love. It was an instant connection that evolved into a deep and enviable friendship that still today characterizes this passionate couple. In the world of music, they are two heavyweight names in contemporary techno that emerged around the same time, having both had the privilege of growing personally and professionally side by side. Amelie Lens and Farrago have independent careers, both extremely successful, with distinct sounds that complement each other. Endowed with European elegance, these two prodigies of Belgian techno are a must-have at underground events worldwide. If seeing either of them is synonymous with a fantastic show, attending a b2b between them is a must-see opportunity to witness their romantic connection speak through music. Now, in the peak season of live music, Amelie, or ‘lenske’ as Farrago lovingly addresses her in the post, will tie the knot, making their love official.

Amelie Lens and Farrago are the second couples to spread their love in the techno realm after Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano announced their engagement about a year ago.


Image credit: Amelie Lens (via Instagram)