ARTBAT & Dino Lenny collide to deliver masterful EP ‘Our Space’: Listen

Lately, you have seen ARTBAT quite active on social media, but for the worst of reasons. As Ukrainians, they have been spokespeople for the suffering being experienced in Ukraine due to Russia’s military onslaught. But today celebrate the best of music with the signature ARTBAT, who return to their UPPERGROUND with a beautiful EP. ‘Our Space‘ is a 2-track wonder featuring a collaboration with Italian Dino Lenny.

Artur and Batish didn’t need much time to become an extremely solid duo and today it seems unreal to think that ARTBAT emerged only in 2015. The truth is that since they started they haven’t stopped and have been on a beautiful upward path, painting the industry with a unique, elegant and heartfelt sound. When you talk about an ARTBAT set, you know that a comfortable trip to space is guaranteed. When you think of the releases of this big dance music export, there is no shortage of surprising originals, heavyweight collaborations and remixes of the highest level. An example is the outstanding rendition of ‘Age of Love‘ with Pete Tong. ARTBAT’s 2022 started very well, not only for the soldout shows in Tulum but also for the release of the rave mix of this remix, which has already climbed high in the charts. Now, the Ukrainian duo is on track for another smash hit with the EP ‘Our Space’. For this return to their newly formed label UPPERGROUND, ARTBAT join forces with the multifaceted Dino Lenny. Expectations for this collaboration are already at an all-time high, considering the previous occasions in which it happened. 2019’s ‘Upperground‘ not only lent its name to ARTBAT’s label but also brought the duo together with Dino Lenny in such a success that it deserved the title of top-selling track on Beatport. Two years later, the collaboration repeats itself on ‘Fading‘, a melodic cut released on Afterlife and played several times in the sets of high profile artists. It is with this recipe for success that this new EP, consisting of ‘Our Space‘ and ‘Keep Calm‘, is welcomed with open arms.

‘Our Space’ is super modern, fresh and delightfully progressive. ‘This is your space’ is commanded by Dino Lenny’s robotic voice that wraps you up and draws you into the centre of the dancefloor. The beat is firm without being static, leading the more formal part of the narrative and guiding the way to an atmospheric build that unravels into a penetrating, cavernous, deep drop. It’s an extremely dynamic track, full of layers but above all dimensions, that arouse different sensations and feelings.

‘Keep Calm’ does not escape its title and arrives full of serenity and calm. Similar to the previous track, Dino Lenny’s voice seems to be an oracle that penetrates your mind with orders or tempting suggestions. ‘I will show you the way’ commands this track that displays the duo’s mastery in manipulating the synths. Again, the build is intense and mysterious, resulting in a dramatic pause and euphoric drop that promises to deliver a ‘wow’ moment on the dance floor. It’s crispy, it’s groovy, it’s highly textured and unequivocally delicious.

‘Our Space’ is a powerful EP that clearly mirrors the category in which ARTBAT place themselves. It’s music in its most purified state, it’s danceable and passionate art, that makes you dream at the same time that makes you feel more alive than ever. Listen from start to finish, over and over again.

Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)