Björk cancels orchestral show that was to take place in Russia this summer

Björk has been forced to cancel her upcoming show in the Russian capital of Moscow, due to the ongoing conflict incited by officials in the country.

The iconic Icelandic songwriter and vocalist joins a growing list of artists who have all had to pull Russian legs of their upcoming tours, with the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Iggy Pop, Green Day, HEALTH, The Killers and Oxxxymiron all having to have done the same. The 56-year-old was due to perform for a unique orchestral concert in June later this year. The date had already been rescheduled twice due to the pandemic before being canceled again now due to Russia’s on-going invasion of Ukraine.

Björk, who has enjoyed an career illustrious career spanning over four decades to date, described how she had come to the decision to cancel the show due to “current events” in her announcement. The rest of tour is still scheduled to go ahead as planned, attendees should still pay attention to her socials, however, as the situation may develop or COVID-19 may cause problems as it had done in the past.

Tickets and information for her upcoming tour dates can be found on her website, here.


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