Boris Brejcha delivers exquisite set at EXE’s EPISODE 8 event

German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha delivered an intriguing show at EXE’s EPISODE 8 event in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event took place in the Inter Expo Center and exceeded the expectations of the local crowd with its breath-taking light show and innovative stage design which spanned the whole width of the hall.

The party kicked off in the Chill room and was later taken to the main hall of the venue. Local artists Vanina and Peppou made sure to provide the crowd with some catchy tunes throughout their warm-up sets before the appearance of Brejcha’s close friend and DJ/Producer, Ann Clue. She managed to raise the bar for Brejcha by delivering a diverse, high-energy 2-hour set that made the audience jump and dance non-stop.

Around 3 am, Boris Brejcha appeared behind the decks wearing his iconic Venetian mask and sent the crowd into euphoria right away with his typical high-tech minimal sound. He delivered some great heavy-hitting bangers and some of his most prominent tracks (such as ‘Gravity’ and ‘Space Diver’). He also continued his well-known tradition of throwing rubber ducks with Venetian masks to random people in the audience.

After the finish of Brejcha’s set, one of the hottest prospects in Bulgarian techno, Pavel Petrov, closed off the event with a heavy, energetic set. The event organizers from EXE also threw an after-party in their club of the same name in the city center with one of Drumcode’s hottest artists, Tiger Stripes.


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Image Credits: EXE Club


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