Carl Cox transforms Radio Slave’s ‘Stay Out All Night’ into a techno gem: Listen

Whenever Carl Cox remixes a track, there’s always a lot of excitement in the air. This time the king of rave has taken Radio Slave‘s ‘Stay Out All Night‘ and given it a new twist. This brilliant remix is now out via Radio Slave’s label Rekids.

Radio Slave is one of the monikers of English electronic music producer and DJ Mathew Edwards. Based in Berlin, the talented artist has painted the last few decades with his unique style and is one of the most high-profile figures in British clubbing. Radio Slave quickly became synonymous with powerful remixes, winning not only the title of ‘Best Of British’ and ‘Best British Producer’ but also the best remixer in popular form. In terms of his unmatched interpretations, remixes such as ‘Horny‘ and ‘Thinking About You‘ with Thomas Gandey remain in our memory. In the originals, notable works include ‘No Sleep‘ series, the anthemic ‘Grindhouse‘ and in 2020, when ‘Stay Out All Night’ was released, heads turned again.

The original is a breakbeat banger packed with that UK bass flavour that always makes for a good party. Now Ibiza royalty Carl Cox takes this urban pearl and turns it into a powerful techno gem. Yes, the original is already an incredible tune in its own right, but Cox manages to elevate his quirky charisma into something modern, punchy and that screams clubbing. The intro reflects Cox’s characteristic rebelliousness as he seems to want to lure partygoers into the dancefloor for a trans-corporeal conversation. It’s a techno cut but manages to elegantly respect the breakbeat nature of the original. The energetic breaks of the track are translated literally to 4/4 beats, to ensure endless rhythm and fun. More than a remix, it’s a transformation, a natural metamorphosis that honours the work of Radio Slave and rebirths it into a restless, additive floor ready track. Awaken the raver in you with this flawless remix.

Image Credit: Carl Cox (via Facebook)