Covid-19 vaccination no longer required to attend larger events in New York City

During a news conference from New York City mayor Eric Adams, it was announced that the rules surrounding the requirement to be vaccinated to attend larger events such as concerts would be dropped from May 7th. The conference also announced a stop to the requirement of vaccination to enter inside bars, restaurants, and gyms with that change occurring immediately.

The news comes as the state of New York reaches a vaccination rate of 75% of the population receiving two doses and fewer than 2,000 people hospitalised in the city due to Covid-19. The news has obviously been welcomed by music fans and industry experts who have seen this requirement has been a staple of city law since the summer of 2021.

New Yorkers should be getting out and enjoying our amazing city. – The fight may not be over, but we’re clearly winning the war. We are open for business and New York City has its groove back. – Eric Adams stated in the press conference that took place at New York City’s iconic times square.

Businesses will still be able to allow a requirement of vaccination proof if they so want to, however, this seems like one further step towards the end of this horrible pandemic as vaccination rates and research continue to grow and worldwide cases continue to fall. Elsewhere in the world, The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland become the most recent countries to ditch most of the remaining restrictions. And, in The United States festivals such as Coachella have announced vaccination will no longer be required to enter the event. You can check out the full press conference from Eric Adams on YouTube below.

Image Credit: Angela Weiss

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