Disclosure and RAYE link for intoxicating track ‘Waterfall’: Listen

The Grammy Award-nominated electronic producing duo Disclosure already started 2022 with a bang by releasing the musical masterpiece that was ‘You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free’, an outstanding house track in collaboration with the legendary Zedd. Now, they are building on that momentum by teaming up with the BRIT Award-nominated singer-songwriter RAYE for the intoxicating track ‘Waterfall’.

Teasing the track throughout live sets on their most recent UK tour, the anticipation and hype for ‘Waterfall’ has been high from the get-go. Worth the hype, ‘Waterfall’ is the perfect house track, offering Disclosure’s signature sound of infatuating beats with a hint of grooviness and nostalgic moments thrown in. Desperately waiting to become the song of the summer, the track has the catchy ability which most definitely will see itself on everyone’s summer playlist and blasting in clubs across the UK and further. Disclosure discuss the creation of the track as well as working with Raye when they state:

Raye is such a dream to work with in the studio, best way to describe her is as a hook machine! You get the beat rolling and vibes going and she gives you like five chorus melody options straight away… she makes writing the way we do so easy and enjoyable. We all knew within 5 minutes we were gonna make a UKG summer sunshine banger and that’s exactly what we ended up with. We all had London and its beautiful musical history in our hearts that day and we hope that comes across to the listener.

‘Waterfall’ is out now on Apollo Records and you can check this soon to be song of the summer out for yourself on Spotify below, alternatively on your streaming platform of choice here. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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