HI-LO Eli Brown

HI-LO and Eli Brown create perfection together on ‘Industria’: Listen

HI-LO and Eli Brown have come together for the first time to create perfection. ‘Industria‘ is the name of the result of the first collaboration between these two techno titans, out now via Filth On Acid.

Eli Brown made his debut on Reinier Zonneveld‘s Filth On Acid not long ago but in style. ‘Believe‘ is the label’s best-selling track and now, before the fire of his Filth On Acid debut has died down, the Bristol-based artist delivers another bombastic track resulting from his collaboration with HI-LO, another of the label’s prodigies. Eli Brown has been on a path beyond brilliant and the catalog of major collaborations he’s undertaken alongside names such as Love Regenerator, Siege, Green Velvet, Noizu, or Solardo is already extensive. Now he joins forces with Oliver Heldens’ powerful moniker HI-LO for a track that will leave you on a high.

HI-LO has already proven the level of his power when under the Filth On Acid label. Whether in collaborations with label boss Reinier Zonneveld like ‘Saw of Olympus‘ or the more recent ‘String Theory‘, or when teaming up with Will Clarke on ‘Check’, HI-LO taps into hard and dark beats, creating true Filths. In this collaboration with Eli Brown, things heat up to the point of explosion.

Visceral energy, driving techno soundscapes, and atomic soundwaves. This is a bit of what you can find in this explosive single. ‘Industria’ has a metallic personality that echoes in the walls of your mind, like the raw walls of an old-school club. Filled with the typical Filth On Acid sound, ‘Industria’ is minimalist yet complex and rich, compelling an aura so overpowering that it can grab you and transport you into a transcendental techno realm. The rumbling and cavernous bass takes control of the melody, while the dry and acidic percussion creates one mysterious volumetrics. It’s hypnotic like any club-ready track should be. Whichever of the sounds you choose to follow gives you direct access to another dimension. ‘Industria’ has been a feature in Eli Brown and HI-LO’s most recent sets, having already proven itself as a real crowd bomb. More collaboration between these two heavyweights, please. Listen to the thunderous power of ‘Industria’ below:

Image credit: Oliver Heldens (via Facebook), Eli Brown (via Facebook)