Jauz and NGHTMRE go B2B for the first time in explosive Ultra set: Watch

For the first time on Saturday 26 March at Ultra, the world saw the premiere of Jauz B2B NGHTMRE. These two bass-loving artists had never teamed up for a B2B before, and as we saw the return of Ultra came with many new beginnings such as this one. Taking the 9:30pm slot just before Knife Party‘s headlining set, they took to one of the most iconic stages of the whole festival: the Worldwide Stage.

For those that love bass, this set was a perfect dream come true. Opening up with a selection of heavy tracks such as ‘Warp‘ by Bossfight, a VIP of Knock2‘s ‘dashstar*‘ and the Stonebank remix of Gammer‘s famous track ‘The Drop‘, fans knew that they were in for a true treat from the get-go. With it being Ultra and their first set together, they also showed off more than 10 IDs as exclusives for the huge crowds. Some included IDs of their own collaborations with other artists such as Kayzo and Dimension, and some were currently unreleased remixes. Other than this, some classic tunes played included Excision & Space Laces‘ ‘Throwin’ Elbows‘, Skrillex & Habstrakt’s ‘Chicken Soup‘ and even Alice Deejay‘s ‘Better Off Alone‘ alongside a whirlwind of Jauz and NGHTMRE’s most famous releases. For the full track selection, view the tracklist here via 1001tracklists.

About the Jauz B2B NGHTMRE set, NGHTMRE shared this:

“Still buzzing from ULTRA!!! For this b2b we only planned our intro and first couple songs we wanted to play, then just went with the flow! It was awesome because we kept surprising each other with with songs that the other person was hearing for the first time. Turned out to be suchhhh a fun set and went incredibly smoothly.”

If you sadly weren’t there, you can catch the set in full below on YouTube now. Don’t forget to check out more Ultra 2022 sets here.

Image credit: NGHTMRE (via Facebook

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